7 Steps to unexpected weight loss

Surround yourself with food. Means - a useful and qualitative. A healthy diet does not have to be accompanied by empty shelves of the refrigerator, rather the contrary buy xenical online. Hammer it fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, useful sources of fat and protein, such as eggs and nuts.

This will allow you not only to cook healthy meals, but also to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals, whenever you want just a snack. This kitchen should inspire and support you in the desire to start a new one - healthy - life.

Eat it. Instead of endlessly worry about how many times a day you eat, or how many calories you have eaten in all bars, use your full useful products for the kitchen cooking, rich in proteins, fats and complex rather than simple carbohydrates. These dishes are perfectly satisfy your appetite and satiate you for a long time. The risk of overeating will be reduced and control of calories and amount of servings would be not so important.

Heave. If you really want to become a "fine and sonorous," do not be afraid to give up dumbbells in favor of something heavier. A study by researchers at Harvard University showed that strength training is more effective than cardio, rounded up belly fat.

Previous studies in this area have also demonstrated that cardio and burn fat, and muscle tissue, and load with weight lifting eliminate the fat, but helps build muscles. The more muscle, the faster the metabolism and the less likely that the consumption of food calories you put off at the waist.

Do not try to "burn all at once". While the enthusiasm is always welcome, and training up a sweat too important, too strong load, rather than to bring you closer to the cherished goal, can, on the contrary, push back.Studies have shown that in some people the body after previous tests require such a strong "reward" in the form of calories that end up gaining weight more than were dropped in the gym.

To avoid this, remember that every 10 burnt calories during the training in order to maintain normal body function necessary to compensate during the next meal about three calories. When the load increases the amount of "recoveries" of calories increases, so know the measure.

Say "no" hardship.It is wrong to deprive the body when losing weight the amount of energy that it needs. If you consume less than 1200 calories a day, your body is really suffering. The body goes into "power saving mode", slows metabolism, which, oddly enough, the difficult process of losing weight. In addition, the body suffers from a lack of necessary minerals, which can lead to serious problems.

It is better to stick to the rules "80 to 20".Eat when you feel hungry, do not forget to drink this water, to prevent dehydration, and try to get 80% of your diet served a useful, healthy, nutritious and balanced meal. Then the remaining 20% ​​is possible with a clear conscience, without any feelings of guilt left for desserts at the cafe, get-togethers with friends and other pleasures of life.

After getting rid of the extra kilos at all should not mean giving up a full dinner useful due to the fact that you have shown weakness and ate a slice of your favorite cake. Such a strategy is more likely to lead to the fact that you're manic dream about the food harmful to you, all the time "ripped off" and eventually negate all the progress achieved earlier.

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