Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis - the disease is mostly found in women as inextricably linked to the particular bacterial vaginal environment. In men, this disease occurs exclusively in the form of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs lifestyle. In the male body, it may appear only after the penetration of the pathogen, gardnerelly, for urinary channels as a result of sexual intercourse without the use of contraceptives.

The structure of the male urinary channel is such that when they are healthy bacterial vaginosis pathogen comes from the body to the second or third day. However, when exposed to predisposing factors (body hypothermia, decreased immunity related diseases, etc.) activated by pathogen begins its growth and result in inflamed mucosa of the urethra (vaginosis).

Advance reservation is that some of the stronger sex vaginosis can be overt and asymptomatic. Complaints and external manifestations of the disease is practically not observed, but the man becomes a carrier and a vector of bacterial vaginosis. However, often when the disease manifests symptoms of urethritis. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the urethra, caused by Gardnerella, accompanied by urethral discharge (discharge with a greenish tint), a burning sensation and discomfort during urination. Treatment of bacterial vaginosis in men can be imposed only after an individual examination of the patient. In most cases it is still necessary. The course of treatment must pass both the sexual partner. If time does not take action or is not assigned to a special treatment, a high probability of occurrence of complications such as prostatitis, epididymitis, inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Gardnerelly treatment in men

Before the appointment of therapeutic procedures carried out a thorough examination of the patient. To diagnose the disease in men is taken swab of the urethra. After, if there is a need in the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, which is detected after detecting the physician in vitro in urinary gardnerellas channels assigned treatment.

Treatment of bacterial vaginosis among representatives of modern methods of male involves the use of antimicrobials, which are selected based on the results of bacteriological analyzes of precipitates in the favorable environment and identify the pathogen response to drugs, as well as the possibility of adverse conditions. Gardnerella treatment performed a total of 2-3 weeks. This period is necessary to refuse sexual intercourse and observe basic dietary regimen. In no case can not eat spicy, fried, smoked, spicy foods and alcohol.

After the treatment is carried out several controlled studies urogenital microflora in order to eliminate recurrence of the disease. It is mandatory to conduct medical procedures for all sexual partners, otherwise the treatment will not be effective. A survey of the disease does not take much time, all analyzes can be done in one day, which is very important to many modern patients.

Prevention of bacterial vaginosis

Prevention of such diseases as bacterial vaginosis is to comply with simple hygiene. It is important to get a permanent partner you trust. Avoid casual sex or always use contraception. Just remember that no contraception does not give an absolute guarantee of protection against venereal diseases. At the slightest hint of infection need to see a doctor.

In modern urological clinics can be a qualitative diagnosis even asymptomatic bacterial vaginosis and detection of disease treatment to hold it with the most modern medicines. The specialists of medical institutions will help to avoid possible unpleasant consequences of any disease to everyone.

So, the basic rules of prevention:

If you have noticed the presence of his partner of some gynecological disorders, force her to leave the self and, without delay, consult a qualified doctor;

If your partner doctor has diagnosed "bacterial vaginosis", keep in mind that this disease is not contagious and you do not catch it by having sex with his partner. However, you can also get tested because there is a chance of infection occurring diseases in parallel;

Treated for bacterial vaginosis is not necessarily. However, it so happens that with gardnerellami found other more serious pathogens. Then you need to be treated and you and her, observing all the rules of treatment - at the same time, the same drugs, preventing the condom until the positive results of the treatment will be obtained;

At treatment vaginosis in women can be sexually active without restrictions.

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