Balanitis - a disease which is characterized by acute (acute balanitis) or chronic (chronic balanitis) inflammation of the glans penis dapoxetine in canada. Generally, the inflammatory process extends to the foreskin, in this case, the disease is called balanoposthitis.

Balanitis and balanoposthitis often occur simultaneously and are quite common male diseases that can develop as a result of a number of skin diseases, such as psoriasis, and also as a result of injuries or irritations. Such reasons may be irritation of smegma, urine or clothing. Also, no less important causes are bacteria, viruses, various diseases, eg, diabetes, urethritis. An important aspect in the development of this disease is a failure to comply with hygiene standards.

The disease can be either temporary or permanent. The emergence of balanitis contributes to a wide variety of factors and causes.

Balanitis and balanoposthitis characterized by very unpleasant sensations in the head of the penis. Itching and burning are the strongest when urinating and after. Skin on the head becomes red and swelling appears, the same appears on the foreskin. In the case of an acute course of the disease these symptoms balanitis added significant overall deterioration of the body. The temperature rises, causing severe headaches, decreased body tone. The most significant symptom of balanitis is an increased amount of smegma, which can in some cases be impregnated linen, as well as the allocation of purulent containing prepuce.

If treatment balanitis delay, it may appear erosion, constantly accompanied by painful sensations, especially when walking and urinating. These ulcers heal very slowly, leaving scars that later often leads to defects of the foreskin. Erosive balanitis is characterized by sores on the penis; if untreated, develop ulcerative balanitis. Complications of the disease may become inflamed lymph nodes of the penis, as well as his gangrene.

Obliterans balanitis and xerotica obliterans balanitis are characterized by the appearance of areas of scarring on the skin of the head of the penis. Such sites take on a pale shade of skin on them atrophy. Acute course of the disease provokes a narrowing of the urethra, impairs urination.

The disease can occur in children of different age groups. Balanitis in children provokes anxiety, and crying when urinating, because the head skin is inflamed. Often this disease in children accompanied by high fever and loss of sleep.

The diagnosis usually does not cause any doubt, so his statement is enough balanitis symptoms that are detected during the inspection of the genitals. Studies are needed only to identify the causative agent, which is of great importance for future treatment of balanitis. One of the main methods of diagnosing a swab from the urethra. If the disease is not amenable to conventional therapy, carried out detailed diagnostics: a blood test for sugar, PCR, as well as research to identify infections that are sexually transmitted.

First, you need to see a specialist surgeon. balanitis Treatment depends on the cause and on the stage. Required actions - everyday washing the penis with warm boiled water and soap, and use special creams and ointments during intercourse. If the cause is found in the process of diagnosis of balanitis, then all the efforts of the doctor will be directed to treatment of the underlying disease and the symptoms of balanitis.

Often, the treatment implies a twenty-minute cool bath with a solution of potassium permanganate and furatsilina or saline, which should be done 2-3 times a day. After these baths head of the penis and foreskin smeared zinc, tetracycline, sintomitsinovoy or other ointments, as well as the drugs that contain fish oil. Ointment from balanitis is the main means of conventional treatment. Repeated manifestations balanoposthitis, and phimosis perform surgical circumcision.

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