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On the dangers of sugar it is written much. The World Health Organization has sounded the alarm - the world's population consumes sugar several times more than the recommended norm, that provokes the rapid development of diabetes metformin-online.com, obesity, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and many other serious illnesses. However, all of this disappointing statistic is unlikely to force us to give up sugar minutely. American and European scientists have for many years argued that sugar is the same relationship as that of alcohol, drugs or nicotine. And the affection for sweets is quite a scientific basis at the level of biochemical reactions. Consuming each day a large number of sweet, we maintain a high level of insulin in the blood and our cells live in constant expectation of the usual dose of glucose. Receive less "sweet dose", our body feels very real breaking - we have headaches, depressed mood, fatigue, sometimes even trembling all over the body. But! This is a temporary phenomenon, and if you do not go on about their own feelings, can get rid of the sweet dependence without problems.

1. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is perceived by the body as stress. In stressful situations it is known to raise riot hormones responsible for appetite. One sleepless night - and the extra 200-300 calories a day you provided.

2. Analyze your diet. Irrepressible craving for sweets may very well be justified by a lack of magnesium, zinc or chromium in the body. Remember, if there is enough in your diet their sources. Magnesium - is buckwheat, nuts, leafy vegetables, avocado and soy; Chromium is found in eggs, fish, seafood, apples, broccoli, lentils and whole grains, and legumes are a source of zinc, pumpkin seeds and the same seafood. For greater certainty make a full blood count.

3. Choose complex carbohydrates. We all know that carbohydrates are divided into light (they are fast) and complex (slow). Light carbohydrates - it's white flour, sugar, alcohol and anything that contains them. These carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed by the body, quickly raise blood glucose levels, but also quickly come to an end, forcing us to re-experience the feeling of hunger. But complex carbohydrates, on the contrary, slowly digested, do not cause glucose surges and allow us a long time to feel full and happy. So we choose porridge for breakfast (of course, without sugar and desirable krupnozernovye) or made of durum wheat.

4. We eat more often, but less. Fractional meals, 5-6 times a day, will not allow us to experience acute attacks of hunger, will not spike glucose, 3, and, as a consequence, pass the cakes, sweets and cakes will be much easier.

5. Remove the candy out of sight. And it is better to remove them from the refrigerator, cabinets and other hiding places. It is difficult to resist the temptation, knowing that somewhere within walking distance you'll get a piece of cake. And at the usual sweets tea parties in the office is better replaced by fruit, berries or honey.

6. Move more. Regular exercise - a great way to withstand stress, which, as already mentioned, is the direct culprit overeating and cravings for sweets.

7. Ignore the liquid calories. Sweet drinks are much more harmful than any buns. They directly deal a blow to the liver, immediately raise blood sugar and carry twice as many calories as the body does not even have to strain to assimilate them. In addition, sugary drinks do not create even the illusion of saturation.

8. Adding healthy fats. Unsaturated vegetable oils are very important for the body. Thanks to them, we feel a sense of fullness for longer, as the healthy fats that are found in many vegetable oils, nuts and avocados, help to stabilize the level of our hormones.

9. Make emphasis on spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and many other spices - real helpers in the fight against the "sugar" addiction. In addition, they improve the palatability of foods, and they also regulate the glucose level.

10. Prepare yourself. Just prepare your own meals, you can be sure of the amount of sugar that is added to the dish. Believe me, no one vendor semi-finished products, canned food, or cook will say frankly in the dining room, how much and what they've added you to a meal.

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