Depression Treatment

Depression - a serious problem for many modern people, and it requires close attention and appropriate treatment. Attempts to solve the problem samovydumannymi ways can lead to serious consequences that can be avoided if the time to begin treatment. Human life, suffering from depression amitriptyline withdrawal, is transformed into flour - are not available to him the simple pleasures of life, the environment puts pressure and the feeling of loneliness leads into yearning. Fortunately, in most cases, depression can be treated nice, and not always this treatment implies the need for hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital.

Treatment of depression requires a comprehensive approach. It is not enough just to start drinking pills - you need to try to influence the human psyche by several means available.


Psychotherapy can be used either alone or in combination with pharmaceuticals. Before starting a course of psychotherapeutic physician must identify the characteristics of the patient and current personal problems, leading to a psychological disharmony. Based on the data, the therapist selects a specific type of psychotherapy or a combination of them (cognitive, behavioral, hypnotic, psychodynamic, and others.). Treatment can take place in groups or individually.

Psychotherapeutic treatment is important not only for the removal of the current depressive episode, but also to prevent a recurrence. By identifying weaknesses in the patient's mind and correcting them, competent therapy increases a person's resistance to stress, teaches him a harmonious social behavior, creates a positive attitude.

Psychotherapy - no less significant than pharmacotherapy, a method for treating depression. However, the path to a therapist for the patient often becomes severe and long lasting. This is due to improper installation, regarding the difficult situations with which people supposedly should be able to cope on their own. Asking for help is often seen as a sign of weakness, but it is not so. Understanding the need for such care and treatment to qualified - this is a sign of maturity of personality and a sober outlook on life.

Other treatments

As a supplement to the basic treatment is often prescribed exercise. There are sets of exercises designed specifically for patients with depression, but almost any physical activity can be therapeutic. During exercise increases blood circulation, improves metabolism, increases physical strength and endurance to improve overall health, strengthen confidence, distracts from depressive feelings.

Acupuncture, art therapy, music therapy, meditation techniques, physical therapy may be a useful adjunct to psychotherapy and pharmacological treatment, but isolation is not usually used because of low efficiency.

Light therapy is used not only in the treatment of seasonal depression. It was found that intense exposure to light is beneficial in virtually any depression, but not in the case of seasonal depression, light therapy - this is only an additional method of treatment. In addition to natural sunlight for light therapy using a special light chamber.

Electroconvulsive therapy - a treatment option for severe depression, refractory to therapy for a long time. This method involves the induction of muscle cramps by passing an electric current through the brain. The procedure is carried out only in a specialized institution under the supervision of an experienced anesthesiologist with the use of anesthesia and drugs, relaxing muscles in the body. The efficacy of electroconvulsive therapy for depression is high and the risk of complications is relatively small, however, this method of treatment is generally resorted after years of unsuccessful attempts to psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

Sleep deprivation - is another way to treat depression, coupled with apathy. To improve mood and increase vitality to the patient is not allowed to sleep the whole night and all the next day. Another, softer option - partial deprivation, when the patient is sleeping 3-4 hours before 01:00 am, after which he was awake to awake for the rest of the night and the following day. After sleep deprivation, more than half of patients report significant improvement of health, but the effect is usually short, so this technique is mainly used as a supplement to the basic treatment.

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