Diseases of infertility in women

Infertility - a condition in which pregnancy does not occur during the year provera and clomid, provided that the couple does not use contraceptives and live a regular sex life. Some sources are prescribed for two years. However, after years of unsuccessful attempts to contact the medical costs.

Hormonal disorders. If there is any violation of the menstrual cycle, it is very high probability of problems with conception. When hormonal changes (this may be due to heredity or environmental problems), problems with ovaries that interferes with the normal maturation of oocytes. In many cases, it becomes a cause of female infertility. It also provoke hormonal disruptions and the early appearance of menopause.

Age. Gradually reached the fashion for 'late delivery' to us. Previously, it was customary to give birth to her first child at 19 - 25 years. This age is considered optimal for labor. After 35 years, fertility is reduced by half. On the one hand, well, that a woman becomes a mother, being mature. On the other hand, nature has created us such that the first child was still born in the period of 19 - 25 years.

Fatigue and stress. This is lacking in the life of any woman. Very harmful lack of sleep and fatigue, intense rhythm of life. Rest is necessary, and the complex, really relaxing. If you ignore the right quality rest, you can get not only this kind of infertility in women, but also a number of other diseases.

Inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries. Such a phenomenon can be caused not only by hypothermia, but the presence of genital infections. About 75% of women of childbearing age suffer from various inflammations periodically, and for some reason think that they are not required to treat - will pass by itself. Then it turns out that inflammation is started, and this is the first step to from what is infertility in women.

Injury uterus and abortion. Injury uterus can be obtained at the time of delivery. All of the effects of trauma is well known, but the problem remains. Abortions can cause not only of infertility in women, but the impossibility of bearing fruit.

Tumors and cysts. Unfortunately, such phenomena - are not uncommon today. Many women in the 25 - 35 years old are suffering from ovarian cysts and uterus, as well as tumors. Polycystic, ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids - these diagnoses over time, have become "younger". The causes of diseases are called doctors did not clearly - simply recommend regular visits to the gynecologist.

Defects of the genitals. From birth defects, no one is immune. The cause of these defects can be heredity and environment. Defects such as underdevelopment of the fallopian tubes, ovaries or the lack of "child" uterus sometimes sound like a death sentence. Modern medicine knows ways to treat these problems, or offering options other way. For example, surrogate motherhood.

Metabolic disorders. About 12% of cases of female infertility occur due to metabolic disorders. The more complete woman, the harder it is to her to get pregnant.

Obstruction of the fallopian tubes causes about 20% of infertility cases. Complete or partial obstruction - are consequences of the operations of the pelvic organs, inflammation, and abortions. Problems may occur such as in giving birth, and in nulliparous women.

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