Epilepsy in children

Epilepsy - is one of the most common disorders of brain activity. On the disease was first mentioned in the time of ancient Babylon. About a century ago, DH Jackson tried to give a definition of the disease, designating it as random bits of nerve tissue. Now, under this disease understand the whole group of pathologies which manifest themselves in parkosizmalnyh attacks cheap keppra sale.

According to statistics, as a share of febrile seizures occurring in children, accounting for up to 2%. In general, suffer from epilepsy to 1% of all children.

Signs and symptoms of epilepsy in children

In childhood epilepsy manifests itself differently than in adults. Treat seizures only symptom is incorrect.

Spasmodic contraction. At the beginning of the attack the muscles begin to tense, and breathing is irregular resumption and delays. Each convulsion may last from 10 to 20 seconds. Sometimes the child may inadvertently empty the bladder. When an attack takes place, the baby goes to sleep, as it is not able to fight fatigue and exhaustion.

Absence seizures or so-called seizures without convulsive muscle contractions. They are often exposed to it is the children. They may not be so clearly expressed and sometimes goes unnoticed. Pay attention should be on the sudden twitching of eyelids and presence of uncomprehended blank stare. Sometimes the head is tilted back and eyes at the same time remain closed. The child does not blink. As much as parents may try to draw attention to the baby, it will remain indifferent to the end of the attack. After the seizure is completed, the child will not fall asleep. He is likely to return to the interrupted business, will continue to play left. Absence seizures last for very long, no more than 20 seconds. If you do not know about this sign, you can write off such displays on mischief and distraction baby.

Atonic seizures. In this case, the symptoms are more vivid. The child loses consciousness, thus there is a complete relaxation of all muscles. Do not confuse this with syncope, especially as atonic seizures tend to recur regularly. It certainly should be alerted of any parent, and after the first such incident should contact the advice of a pediatrician.

At night, the baby can torment nightmares. He will wake up wide-eyed with terror, and with loud cries. Often children with epilepsy suffer from sleepwalking, they begin to walk in his sleep and after waking up do not remember anything.

Headache is another large common symptom that accompanies childhood epilepsy. Usually, it is accompanied by nausea and even vomiting. It is important to pay attention to the voice characteristics of the child. In epilepsy, he said OK, but from time to time it has had speech disorders. The child continues to play, is fully conscious, but can not say the words.

Causes of epilepsy in children

Disturbances in the formation and development of the brain at the stage of fetal development, ie in the womb. Factors that can affect it, may be: pregnant alcoholism, addiction to other harmful habits such as smoking and drug use. The risk of developing epilepsy is increased if a pregnant suffered colds or gestosis. Age of mother: she is older than those higher risk of developing the disease in the child.

The nature of labor and the special features of the delivery as a whole. In this case, the brain is amazed already formed. Risk factors are duration of the current generations, long to find a child without water, asphyxia baby while passing through the birth canal, the umbilical cord wound around the neck, the imposition of special forceps.

Diseases of the nervous system of the child. Trigger the development of epilepsy are frequent diseases (viral and bacterial). Especially if they are accompanied by high fever and convulsions. Although it is worth mention that the preconditions for the formation of epilepsy has been laid before, but remained unnoticed. Also, the impetus may be transferred meningitis, encephalitis, arachnoiditis.

Concussion obtained blunt head trauma. All this is likely the cause of the epilepsy.

Idiopathic causes. We should not forget about the genetic predisposition to the disease. Epilepsy can be inherited, or rather not the disease itself, and the low levels of dopamine, which is responsible for the inhibition of chemical processes in the brain.

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