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Tricks of the Trade slim figure

The average person gains over the winter from 2 to 5 kg. The reasons mainly lie in the seasonal characteristics of metabolism. And yet few people buy phentermine online can go through a long string of holidays, without prejudice to the figures. And to hear from friends in the spring of envy "you lost weight!", It is necessary to resort to a little "winter snag."

You probably noticed that it is necessary to eat a piece of chocolate as a mood immediately improved. The secret of happiness hormone - serotonin, which is particularly needed in the winter and the production of which starts the chocolate. But among other things it has a lot of sugar, so that by improving mood, we get extra simple carbohydrates, which are gradually transformed into extra kilos. And if the chocolate you joy, you should resort to a little trick. Do not give up entirely on the chocolate, but try to buy only the bitter, with a high cocoa content, without toppings and fillings, and Eat 2-3 pieces a day. The rest of the tile, replace chocolate flavor: foam baths, cream with a chocolate scent or perfume with a hint of chocolate. Chocolate "spirit" perfectly cope with the task.

In the battle for a slim figure

When cold, the body requires a constant supply of carbohydrates. This happens because of the hormonal changes leading to a deterioration of their assimilation. And in our understanding of carbohydrates - is primarily sweet and flour ... Replace the buns on the dried fruit, fruit and vegetables. Drink freshly squeezed juices. Carrot combined with a small amount of cream will please you carotene, and citrus juices - vitamin C. Do not bite off from the whole fruit and cut into pieces, so saturation occurs faster. As long as we clean and cut fruit, the subconscious mind believes that food acceptance process has already begun. A great winter product, which few people know - Brazil nuts. This is an excellent source of selenium, which helps prevent depression, B vitamins and vitamin E, which are necessary for the production of serotonin. But remember that everything is good in moderation: a portion of nuts should not exceed one tablespoon.

Previously, a person at the time of the cold had to stock up Zhirkov for warmth. It is in such cases nature has endowed us weight gain in the winter. Moreover, when the temperature is reduced, and metabolism slows. Therefore, everything that is eaten is consumed sparingly. And this winter soul asks chop with potatoes! It is necessary to refuse high-calorie foods and fatty meats. Eat pork instead of chicken or turkey. Partially replace meat legumes, rich in fiber.

In FITNESS FOR slender figure

In winter you do not want to move, which is also associated with a slowing metabolism. And often, in spite of the occupation, the volume of the waist and hips increases - the female body accumulates fat reserves in the lower body. Go three times a day on a visit to the hall. Get to the skates and skis. Because, firstly, the load on the air - a blow to the winter "weight gain" Metabolic process is greatly accelerated, and scored calories are burned faster, and secondly, you pay special attention to the leg muscles. Generally winter is preferable to load on the lower limbs. Do not forget about the pool, swimming great burns fat, so you can then afford an extra piece of chocolate. And you kill two birds: to improve and tone and mood.

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