Features of postpartum depression

Childbirth itself is a lot of stress for the woman. After birth, the body is experiencing depression remedies, which normally does not affect the relationship with the baby. Over time, the stress goes away, the body takes on a familiar look, while a woman can dedicate themselves to motherhood.

But the situation is different when a woman is depressed more than a few months. Depressed mood, sadness, mood swings, it will lead to unpleasant consequences - the reluctance to care for, or even see their child. You need to know how to recognize postpartum depression than it is dangerous and how to deal with it.

Postpartum depression is that it?

Symptoms Tx affects about 10-15% of women. The first manifestations of depression in mothers newly-manifested immediately after birth of the baby, usually at a time when a woman comes to the hospital after a home and remains with the newborn alone. At first, everything seems magical and there is nothing more beautiful than the joy of being a mother, but suddenly appear sadness, irritation, unwillingness to interact with others. Woman wonders, because she became a mother and why she is unhappy now?

Most prone to the DWP young women who give birth for the first time. Depression in this case develops from a lack of knowledge about the education and care of children, the failure of a new way of life and lack of attention on the part of the inner circle. Apart from the main group, isolated women, lacking a mother's love. The absence of normal relations with the mother leads to the fact that the woman has no idea how to deal with your own child.In women, previously borne depression and psychosis, postpartum TX symptoms may occur.

Normally, depressive episodes occur almost every woman who gave birth, but only 3% recognize at diagnosis and decided to treat him. The duration of the disease depends on the woman's desire to solve the problem. The sooner the depression is detected and recognized, the better for mother and baby, because the problem is not one-sided. In this situation the suffering baby, who does not receive a sufficient number of maternal care and love, in the future it could affect its development.

Stages of postpartum depression

Tosca is manifested in women immediately after childbirth, saved from a few days to a few weeks. It is taking place on their own, without threatening the status of mother and child.

The development of depression begins later, when in addition to the dreary state of having physical manifestations. There are mood swings, irritability, tearfulness, lack of appetite.

Psychosis is the final stage of the DWP and poses a threat to the mother and child. In this state there are obsessions, fear for the life of the child, suicidal tendencies.

The causes of postpartum depression

The specific reasons for the occurrence of postpartum depression does not exist. However, the isolated variety of reasons, which together create a negative state for a woman as depression after childbirth.

The physiological reason. After birth, the number of progesterone and estrogen hormones is reduced. The body, accustomed to regularly receive large quantities of these substances are now experiencing shortages. Woman feels fatigue, overexertion, mood swings occur. This picture feels almost every woman who has given birth. This condition seems natural and normal course of events in the period between a few weeks the woman feels improvement.

Psychological or emotional reason. Birth of a child - it's a lifestyle change. It is impossible to prepare in advance for maternity, experience comes with time. Fear of harm to the child because of lack of knowledge, lack of support from the family, the body change after childbirth, and more, affect the condition of the woman. The longer it stays in this state and can not share with anyone else, the more severe the depression passes.

Environment - one of the causes of postpartum depression. Women living in adverse conditions, with low standard of living, experiencing stress in a family prone to depression after childbirth. The birth of the baby an important event, but can not completely feel like a mother, as environmental factors interfere and distract.

Heredity. This reason has to do with inherited traits that are genetically assimilated by newly-made mother.

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