Genital fungal infections

Every woman at least once suffered from vaginal fungal infections. It is important to know that the fungal infection has nothing to do with disease, sexually transmitted infections, and there is a breach of bacterial balance in a woman's body. This violation favors the creation of the necessary conditions in the vagina for propagation of yeast fungi diflucan-fluconazole.net.

For the first time faced with a vaginal fungal infection, many women, especially the young, not knowing the true causes of infection begin to dramatize and exaggerate the danger that it is in vain. Sexual fungal infection manifests itself in the form of unpleasant symptoms such as itching, burning and cheesy discharge from the vagina. In fact, she got so widespread, there is nothing supernatural, as the originator of all this "outrage", namely the yeast-like fungus Candida albicans, is present in the body of each of us in a certain amount. Most often, this fungus is in the gastrointestinal tract, but somewhere in twenty percent of women and it is found in the vagina.

This fungus appears in the body after birth. If a person is healthy, the bacteria and fungi Candida present in the gastrointestinal tract are in equilibrium. However, severe stress, prolonged steroid use, weakening the immune system contribute to the revitalization process of reproduction of fungi data, which in turn leads to disruption of the intestinal microflora. As a result of yeast fungus Candida can spread beyond the borders of the intestine and get into any organ. The same thing happens in the vagina. If you change the vaginal environment for various reasons, there is an active reproduction of fungi, which leads to unpleasant symptoms.

Vaginal environment changes reasons not so much. The most common changes are caused by uncontrolled intake of antibiotics for the treatment of some other infections, which in addition to "harmful" bacteria are killed and useful, providing an acidic environment in the vagina. Because of this, there is an imbalance, which leads to the development of fungal infections.

Another cause of genital fungal infection is a special women's susceptibility to infection at the end of each menstrual period. The emergence of fungal infections also helps to lower the level of estrogen in women during menopause. Very often suffer from infections of the women who are in the last stages of pregnancy (about 20%). The possibility of fungal infections increases in stress situations, the use of oral contraceptive agents, corticosteroids. However, the highest risk of fungal infections occur in people with diabetes.

Compliance with certain diets can also be a risk factor for the infection. Based on research conducted by the University of Michigan, we can say that those who adhere to the high-calorie diet is much more likely to suffer from fungal infection than those who consumed fewer calories.

Unpleasant itself vaginal fungal infection often recurs after treatment. To prevent the recurrence of genital fungal infection should be, first of all, to identify and eliminate the cause, which causes the active growth of yeast-like fungi.

But not only the yeast-like fungus can cause the above symptoms of itching and burning. Very similar symptoms are observed in trihomonadnyh and bacterial vaginitis, which are caused by micro-organisms Gardnerella vaginalis, but treatment of these infections will be completely different. Therefore, before starting treatment is still recommended to consult a specialist, who, after examination and tests to establish the diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Often the occurrence of unpleasant symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of a fungal infection, contribute to some of the chemicals used in deodorants contained women, perfumes, douches, etc. for vehicles Despite the similarity of symptoms, the infection is absent. In this case, there is inflammation in the vulva. By eliminating the causes that led to the emergence of this problem, and the unpleasant symptoms disappear.

It should be borne in mind that the means for irrigation may be present substances which can cause irritation of the vagina and cause an imbalance of bacteria. In the presence of infection in the vagina can promote the penetration of douching infections of the vagina or cervix of the uterus, which could result cause pelvic inflammation. For example, infection of the fallopian tubes, which occurs quite painful and can cause infertility. To eliminate the odor from the vagina, you can do without irrigation, simply use delicate soap and warm water.

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