Green Slimming Coffee

Slim figure is for many an elusive goal. In the fight against excess weight using different methods buy orlistat online canada . In recent years, special attention is paid to the green coffee. This drink has a slightly sour and astringent taste, but it has a truly unique properties. If you combine diet, physical activity, consumption of coffee, you can achieve extraordinary results.

The positive effect on the body

Green coffee contains over 1,200 biologically active substances, as well as vitamins and antiaksidantov. As a result, many studies revealed the following positive characteristics of coffee on the human body:

The splitting of fats. The green coffee beans contain a unique chlorogenic acid. It contributes to the effective breakdown of fat directly into the intestine. Fat cells are converted into the energy necessary for the organism.

Lowering insulin levels. As a result, the body speeds up metabolism, which also contributes to weight loss.

Reducing sugar levels.

A positive result from drinking coffee is not achieved immediately. It will take from 2 to 5 weeks. And for a more effective weight loss do not recommend the use of roasted grains. When roasting many useful properties are lost. Nutritionists recommend eating a daily basis about 3 cups of coffee. The beverage can not add sugar or milk. But the combination of ginger will not only lose weight but also improve immunity.

Green drink is better to drink after a meal.

The residue that remains in the circle, good for your health. It is used as a scrub for face and body. Many users, so get rid of the cellulite problem.

Main contraindications

Green coffee has serious contraindications. In some cases, the use of the drink causes serious injury.

- Hypertonic disease. caffeine content of green coffee is significantly lower than normal. But even this amount is sufficient to enhance the pulse. This provokes malaise, fainting.

- Pregnancy. Increased blood pressure negatively affects the future baby.

- Lactation. This area has not been studied. Therefore it is not recommended to use the green coffee in a given period of time.

- The presence of glaucoma. Coffee drink is able to raise intraocular pressure.

- Mental problems, depression.

- Diarrhea.

To protect the body from the occurrence of adverse reactions, it is necessary to start with a small amount of green coffee, gradually increasing it.

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