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Hair loss is a common problem for many men. Despite the fact that modern medicine offers many opportunities baldness treatment, unfortunately there is no effective means to fight baldness propecia success. But to deal with hair loss you need, and you can not only slow down hair loss but also to prevent it.

To do this, from an early age to get used to do during the morning toilet rubbing the tips of his fingers scalp with cold water. After this procedure should continue massages via brushes, this increases blood flow, enhancing the nutrition of hair and scalp, this procedure is useful not only for the hair, but also as a means of improving potency.

Hair should always be kept clean, try to use less gels and styling hair, especially if the funds are fatty. It promotes skin clogging occurs in the hair of dust accumulation, which often leads to dandruff - one of the main enemies of the health of our hair.

In addition to many medicines to get rid of dandruff, there is a very effective means of broth with hellebore. hellebore root finely cut and pinch the roots boiled in half a liter of water until the water does not boil away half. Get the broth hair roots smear, doing massage of the head, and wash your head. After washing, wipe the hair is not necessary. The procedure is repeated daily until complete disappearance of dandruff.

It should be noted - that cheremitsa is a poisonous plant, so the broth should be done in a separate bowl and keep to the broth when rubbed into the hair he did not hit in the eye.

Men's fashion hairstyle is not as rich as the women, but also a variety of widely. It should be noted that all good hairstyle, the main thing that hair hit the net cropped and time, and of course to get involved in a fashionable hairstyle is not necessary, select the one that suits you.

Also do not forget at least once every two weeks to do edging, trim the hair on the neck - a procedure not for health, but for the beauty - a beauty and health go up.

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