Sleep problems, for sure, there have been at each. Emotional experiences before important events, problems at work or unrequited love ... the reasons for poor sleep enough. However, one thing when insomnia we recommend is episodic in nature, then you will once again return to the usual for you to sleep and wakefulness, and quite another when insomnia - your "right" satellite, which is often visited by visitors to you.

The modern pace of life, unfortunately, only adds fuel to the fire. Exhausting work that requires maximum effort, the endless running, when it is necessary to do everything very quickly eliminate human failure, especially if the same can not relax normally.

Chronic sleep deprivation leads to a number of health problems, especially mental health. In a very short time, the person becomes irritable, distracted and depressed. In some cases, have a place to be outbursts of anger and aggression on others. In this condition a person may not work properly either, nor communicate with their interlocutors. All he need now - a few hours of sound sleep that will help rejuvenate and look at the world through different eyes.

Separated insomnia

The above-mentioned effects of insomnia are not only harmful to human health, but also its relationship with the people close to him, especially with a loved one. Several authoritative studies around the world have shown that insomnia - this is the worst enemy of marriage. And, most often the cause of conflicts between man and woman becomes insomnia of the fair sex. After unsuccessful attempts to get to sleep, the next day a woman may experience bouts of unexplained anger and depression, and irritability often have to disrupt their spouses.

Also, insomnia and negative impact on intimate relationships. If a woman is bad enough sleep and feels irritated, and then caress the man responsible reluctantly. If such events occur frequently, it could serve as a pretext to clarify the relationship between the couple and conflict. Therefore, in no case do not bring the problem to such extremes. If you are having trouble sleeping, explain the situation to your loved one, and begin to deal with insomnia.


Combating insomnia first begins with lifestyle changes. You must work out. Physical activity will help you burn excess energy and cause your body to a state of natural fatigue, which helps to quickly and soundly to sleep. No less important is the power. Never overeat and dine no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Sleep condition and largely depends on your bed. If you are uncomfortable to sleep on your bed, it's time to buy a new one with a good mattress, where you feel comfortable. Be sure to ventilate the bedroom before going to bed, and in the warmer months, sleeping with open window. At least an hour before bedtime, do not use a computer, telephone or e-book. Running the monitor has a stimulating effect on the nervous system and causes the brain to process information.

Also, in the struggle with insomnia will be good and special soothing medications to help fall asleep. Today, there are a lot of similar products, and make the right choices can be very difficult.

As you know, more safe for the human body are the preparations made from plants rather than synthetic drugs. Natural soft drugs affect the body and have a minimum of side effects. One of these drugs is Menovalen Borschagovski himikofarmatsevticheskogo production plant. Menovalena active components are extracts of valerian, and mint - a plant that in ancient times used in medicine. Applied at the plant, a lipophilic extraction technology allows to achieve the maximum content of actives ingredients of valerian and peppermint in the preparation. With this technology the drug has a marked therapeutic effect.

Menovalen gentle on the body, has a calming effect, normalizes sleep and a positive effect on health.

At the initial stage of insomnia Menovalen need to take 1-2 capsules for 1-1.5 hours before bedtime. As a rule, course of treatment is 3-4 weeks, or determined by the attending physician. If after the first 14 days of taking the medication your condition does not improve, consult your doctor.

Side effects of the drug are rare and are reversible. Generally, adverse reactions develop during chronic administration of the drug and a significant excess of recommended doses.

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