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Sometimes in life things happen when the situation seems hopeless, any actions are insignificant and useless effort. At such moments, the people and the world around us bring only suffering. It happens that even the closest people can not understand you, act as if specifically wish to hurt. It also happens, that's cool, as if in a closed circle, and there is no effort to improve the situation. All this - the depression. But there is always a solution anxiety depression cure! And the result is often that it is close by.

No man in the world have not experienced in a lifetime is no difficult period. The causes of depression can be a variety of everyday situations - failure on the job, unrequited love, quarrels with loved ones, and many others. It happens sometimes that you are not ready for the sudden and severe impacts that life presents. In such cases, think of a positive response to them is not necessary. The emotional wound is very deep. So much so that in comparison with the external situations of internal sensations become the biggest problem. Man is wise, even in the most difficult situations, the pain diminishes with time, and the depression is gradually disappearing. As they say, time heals. Is there any other way to overcome depression and regain their ability to act appropriately?

Of course, no two identical depressions, as there is no identity of their catalysts. Only individual work can give the best effect. However, in all cases there is a common problem, allowing a whole look at the problem.

What can be prescribed as a spiritual anesthesia for those who are now difficult?

In the most difficult period, as a rule, immediately after the problem occurs, there is a desire to run away, to hide from the pain. In these situations, many "applied to the neck." This is not the best way to find out of the situation. Regulations prescribe the use of alcohol is never consumed "with sorrow" in a moment of crisis. Also, do not use potent medicines without a doctor's prescription.

An effective option for depression may be your favorite activity, a book, a film, which in a short time you will pull out into another world, and then, most likely, it will be easier. change of scenery might help to look at the situation in a different perspective and a more sober. If there is no desire to work or read, will walk or leave the city (at sea, in the countryside, in another country). In any case, should not frighten their home - it's only your problem, and care can sometimes become a burden.

In addition, there are several ways of overcoming the depression. The first is the possibility of a short time to "hide" from the world. But, if you really so hard for you and suicidal thoughts, assess what you have to leave to leave. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčescape is always salutary, any of us could in theory make a similar move. Everyone can start from scratch, to plunge into a new life, and all existing chop off the ends. But far more important and valuable that you have now?

Rate all the things that you are left with (family, property, health), and you will understand that depression is as absurd as the oligarch suicide, lost five million out of ten. It is clear that every material or spiritual possession has its inconveniences and problems. But, even in the case of the most severe problems there are some advantages. Think of the lessons learned, that depression can be turned into a tremendous energy, which can bring you much more than what you have lost. Try to find the positive side of your problem. And how difficult would not have you now, such thoughts will be the first step towards a new happy life. Do not hesitate to turn to a psychologist who can help you and will not leave you alone with your depression. Usually in the doldrums brain interprets distorted the facts, and not able to think logically and adequately. The psychologist will help unravel your thoughts and send them in a positive manner.

Also, try to keep a record. If you do not have a friend or a companion with whom you can share almost everything, it will be a very good yield. Keep a journal. It will be a good companion to you, as it will allow to recognize the problem outlined in the paper. And when the hard time pass, leave your blog in memory. After many years, you will have to expect an interesting discovery. Situations often repeated. Now you did not before, but over time it will become clear that the experience because of these difficulties is much less. Such treatment often becomes the most radical.

Another effective way to get rid of depression, which recommends military psychologists - put your brain in an extreme situation, when it starts to send the body a signal to "save lives", but rather to simulate this situation. The fact is that in extreme conditions, when we are forced to fight for survival, the human brain reflexively busy searching for ways to survive, and he had no time to dwell in apathetic or depressed.

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