Pharyngitis in Children

The risk of pharyngitis in children is high in winter and summer, the child may become ill pharyngitis several times a year. When pharyngitis inflamed and swollen soft tissues and mucous membrane in the back of the throat, it starts to hurt. The symptoms of pharyngitis in children can vary greatly in severity zithromax antibiotic.

What causes a sore throat? Pharyngitis in children is usually caused by viruses, the same as those that cause the common cold or flu. Very often, pharyngitis develops in children who suffer from a so-called "disease of teenagers" - infectious mononucleosis, which is caused by Epstein-Barr virus. About 20 years the teenager already immune to infectious mononucleosis, pharyngitis, and so after that age get sick less often.

In addition to viruses, pharyngitis and can be caused by bacteria. Babbitt rarely versed in the types of infections that the bacteria for it that viruses - all may be one. However, it can determine a method of treating: bacterial and viral pharyngitis treat different medicines. And if you take medicine for one disease, when in fact you are sick with something else, the body is no good will not bring, but on the contrary, it may even do harm.

The most common bacteria that cause pharyngitis is Streptococcus group A (a common cause of acute pharyngitis). In addition, sexually active adolescent pharyngitis may begin as a consequence of gonorrhea or other diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

The symptoms of pharyngitis in children

The first symptoms of pharyngitis in children occur on the second day after infection. The child starts coughing, it appears hoarseness, runny and stuffy nose. A typical sign of sore throat are irritated and watery eyes. In some cases, the child pharyngitis rash may appear on the body. Symptoms of bacterial pharyngitis of the child begins with a sudden pain in the throat and pain when swallowing. It raises the temperature, a headache. The throat is red and swollen tonsils appear whitish-yellow spots appear halitosis. A child can get sick tummy, it can start to feel sick. As is the case with acute pharyngitis, rash with bacterial pharyngitis can begin on the child's body, which will look like a sunburn.

How is it diagnosed? A doctor examines a child's throat and neck feels - it may occur swelling. Confirm the diagnosis, you can use a smear taken from the throat with a cotton swab. In the case of bacterial pharyngitis results of this test will help determine the type of bacteria that caused the disease.

Methods of treatment of pharyngitis in children

Treatment of pharyngitis in children should be performed depending on the symptoms and the cause, he was summoned. In order not to speculate, to apply one or another medication (eg, antibiotics that treat bacterial pharyngitis) or not, you can try home methods. For example, it is known that garlic helps to cope with the pain in my throat. Garlic is particularly useful if the sore throat began because of a virus, because garlic has antiviral and antifungal properties. Garlic can be added to food or eat it separately, the main thing - do not expose it to heat treatment, that is not to cook and fry, otherwise all the healing properties lost. Take, for example, this recipe: a glass of tomato juice add two milled cloves of garlic and a little Worcestershire sauce. Drink this cocktail can be at dinner.

Relieve the symptoms and get rid of a sore throat and other possible food: it can be soups, broth, potatoes, oatmeal. To facilitate swallowing, the food can be ground in a blender. Soothe a sore throat can be and with the help of frozen treats such as sorbet and frozen yogurt.

Treatment of pharyngitis in children is almost never complete without gargling. Usually this is done using a warm salted water. However, this method is difficult to apply, if the child is still small, he can not gargle, and simply swallow salt water. Special rinses can be purchased at the pharmacy. Although this drug can be cooked by yourself: simply dissolve two teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water.

What is strep throat in children and how to treat it

Acute pharyngitis in children caused by the bacterium streptococcus, which is in addition to pharyngitis is another cause of scarlet fever. Acute pharyngitis in children is most common to seventeen or eighteen years old, then the age of the number of cases decreases sharply. Symptoms of acute pharyngitis, besides the obligatory sore throat and other symptoms, which manifest themselves at the general form of the disease, it is a bright red rash that looks reminiscent of a sandy texture of sandpaper. Rashes appear on the arms, chest and abdomen.

Sore throat in acute pharyngitis in children occurs due to inflammation of soft tissues. Streptococcal infection causes the tonsils to swell, redden, they appear white patches or pus. Lymph nodes on the sides of the neck may also swell when the body's reaction to the streptococcus.

Treat sore throat in acute pharyngitis should be exactly the same - rinsing with salt water. Gargle is necessary several times a day, spit out salty solution, not swallow, as some do, misled harmful myth.

Sore throat can also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. This symptom is abdominal pain and, by the way, is more common just in children than in adults. As always, vomiting and intestinal disorders need to ensure that the organism was not dehydrated, and constantly drink fluids - frequent sips.

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