Poker Strategy for beginners

The first tip to all new poker players - do not play with a lot of hands. That is, play tight. You have to understand that most of the time the other player has a better starting hand than yours. Sure, your hand may improve on the flop, but more frequently when you start the game with a bad hand, you will not get a better hand after the flop us online roulette.

So, you decided to play only with good starting hands, but what is a hand? In Texas Hold'em good starting hands - it is mostly or two high cards or a pair. Hands like T-K-T and D are strong, and any pair of T-T to 9.9.

Smaller pairs and two not so high cards are more difficult to identify. With maps in T, T-10, K-D you can have the power, but if your opponent has a card, such as the T-K or AQ you may have more trouble if you flop teaches.

With pairs of below 8.8 and also can play but often flop comprises one or more high cards (overcards). Then, if the opponent will be strong on the flop, you will most likely be beaten. The lower your pair is likely to fall on the flop overrkarta. For example, to play a 2-2 cards after the flop, a third 2-ka should be on the table.

Consider your position at the table

In Texas Hold'em, players are in the same order as in the course of the party. When this position is important. That is the place where you sit in the trade line.

The last position means that you sit on the button or place close to her right. If you sit in this position, you will act later in each betting round. This is a great advantage to act late, since all opponents must announce their intentions before it is your turn. When you are sitting in early position, you do not know what to expect from the players behind you. You do not have any clues about the strength of their hands.

Therefore, to be in the last position - it is a distinct advantage, and therefore, you can play with a lot of hands in late position than in the primary. With hands like T-B or 4-4 is much easier to play from the last position. If the flop is bad for you and someone in front of you makes a big bet, cards are easy to lose. If no one bets, your hand is likely good, and you can go ahead and play with it confidently.

During a poker game, be confident

One of the most costly mistakes in poker - is too small bets. When you want to put money in the bank, you should do it inconvenient for anyone who wants to take it from you. Sure bets have several advantages. First, you stop the opponents see the next card for free and improving their hands. You can not prevent players from seeing another card, but you have to make them pay for it.

Secondly, every time you bet, there is a chance that your opponents will fold. Your chances of winning the pot increase with fewer players in the game. If each player will fold, you win the pot without even showing the cards.

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