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The lush, well-groomed hair is perhaps the pride of any adult male. You and I have left enough of a reason to be proud of themselves, and the hair is playing a significant role, is not it? What is really the truth to conceal, your humble servant, I remember in my time cut through the city, scattered carelessly over her shoulders "Haier" in the style of the 80's, shocking peacefully dozing on the benches grandmothers ... Nevertheless, to 25 years in almost 25% of men begin to show the first signs of hair loss finasteride 5mg side effects, and to 50 years and this sad fate befalls already about 50% of the representatives of a strong half of mankind.

For thirty years, many of us are showing signs of baldness, "first swallows" which usually become bald areas on the crown. Faced with this unfortunate fact, we men, we behave differently. Some people turn in on themselves, kompleksuya, afraid of ridicule and trying in that whatever was to hide his lack of by growing and combed her hair, or picking up a fashionable hat, others are seriously considering a hair transplant. But very confident coming even easier, simply making the bald part of his image.

Hair, which are nothing more than a natural appendage of the skin - is a hallmark of mammals, almost typical of other animals. The level of hair is not only different species of mammals but also in certain areas of the body particularly taken subject. Baldness is - abnormal or early loss of hair - usually the result of a wide variety of reasons, including stress, burns, post-traumatic scars, drug therapy, and radiation exposure.

Some infectious nature of the disease, such as scarlet fever or typhoid fever, certain skin conditions can also cause baldness, but in most cases transient.

Details tell about the medical aspects of this problem, the practitioner agreed "Kosmeton" specialist Moscow clinic, MD, a plastic surgeon Kirill Lelikov Slavovich.

"The main reason for the appearance of glittering crown is the devastating effect of the male hormone androgen in the hair follicles that are in the frontal and parietal areas of our bright minds. Under the influence of this hormone activity in a bulb having specific sensitivity to this hormone receptors gradually reduced ability to produce healthy hair. That is why the most common type of alopecia, of course, is the gradual loss of hair on the head, observed with age in many men. "

The steps of this process are well known. The front line of hair on his forehead gradually begins to move over backward to form a round bald area on top of the head, then the two fields are connected. The intensity of the balding process often varies from year to year. Basically, the sooner begins the retreat the front hairline, the sooner comes virtually complete baldness.

The most characteristic feature of this pattern baldness can be distinguished finality and irreversibility. And here already, dear reader, haircut, shave, rubbing people's funds and other non-traditional methods of common sorrow will not help. Oh yes, it is also worth mentioning that hair loss is often an inherited trait genes transmitted through the male line. In the case of the presence of the gene pattern baldness will progress if there is a certain amount of testosterone - known to all the male sex hormone, also affects the growth of body hair. Remember, surely you've ever heard of a belief that bald men - unsurpassed lovers? In some ways, a grain of truth there may be present, at least, the fact that due to increase the number of testosterone responsible for libido, is the case with hair loss on the head to be.

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