Schizophrenia in women

Schizophrenia - a disease of the mind, which is more common in men than women quetiapine 300 mg. However, in recent years there has been not a good trend of growth percent of cases of this disease among the fair sex.

Schizophrenia in women - a chronic disorder such as mental, negatively reflects on the emotional and intellectual spheres, contributes to the formation of personality defect.

Schizophrenia at the fairer sex has some peculiarities. The first signs of schizophrenia in females begin to occur 25-30 years, 5 years later than in men. In women, the illness develops less visible, more slowly and has a less damaging impact on the psyche.

Causes of disease

Schizophrenia develops in women under the influence of a number of factors. One of the main causes of the disease is a genetic predisposition. It is believed that the development of the disease are responsible several genes. The risk of disease development increases if both parents have a family history. So, if the "defective" gene is present in one of the parents, then the likelihood of disease transmission is 14%, if the media are both, the risk increases to 46%.

Where there is evidence of the disease in women planning a pregnancy, the doctor reveals the presence of abnormalities in the unborn father. In addition to heredity, to the development of psychosis influence of alcohol, drugs, stress, organic brain damage, intoxication of the fetus, severe conditions in childhood. These reasons may provoke disease in men. However, there are factors that trigger the disease, peculiar only to women. This is due to the peculiarity of the female anatomy, namely procreation. In some cases of schizophrenia in females begins after birth. This disorder called postpartum psychosis.

According to psychiatrists, childbirth is not the cause of the disorder, they only trigger the disease process. Such women have the same "faulty" gene, which is "asleep" until a certain point. The trigger in this case are hormonal changes, increased physical and psychological stress. Trigger the development of the disease can not only labor, but also any external factors. However, responsibility for the development of psychosis lies in the "defective" gene.

How to recognize the schizophrenia in women

The first signs of schizophrenia notice her female friends and family members. A woman usually spends less time with friends, becomes suspicious and a bit disorganized. When households do her remark about the behavior - it becomes irritable and takes a defensive position. A woman who regularly monitor the personal hygiene, can not take a shower for a few days and wearing the same clothes for a week. She becomes depressed, and it can be completely indifferent to everything and it seems that it is no longer capable of either rejoice or be angry.

Besides schizophrenia symptoms in women can be manifested in the following: it can laugh at the wrong time. For example, when someone talks about death in my family, and it can not control the laughter. Women who develop schizophrenia, it is difficult to focus, it is easy to lose concentration, may forget to meet with his sister or mother to congratulate on his birthday.

Schizophrenia also can be identified by eye movement. People with an increased risk of developing schizophrenia suffer from attention deficit and visual capacity. So hard for people to stare at a moving object smoothly.

Timely access to a doctor and treatment of the disease at an early stage greatly improves the chances of a woman suffering from schizophrenia, will be able to live a normal life. Statistics reported that women patients this disease more often than men get married, have a job and live a relatively normal life, passing timely treatments.

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