Short intercourse

Short sex act - coitus, the duration of which does not satisfy the sexual need for sexual partners. Short sexual intercourse lasts less than 2 minutes; During this time the woman did not have time to reach orgasm, while men have ejaculation or erection disappears Buy Levitra Online. A man, faced with the problem of short sex requires consultation andrologist, sexologist, if necessary - diagnostics, to identify the causes of sexual dysfunction. The increase in the duration of sexual intercourse promotes the use of condoms, lubricants and sprays with anesthetics, psychotherapy, changing the rhythm of sexual activity and sexual intercourse technique. If the reason for the short sexual intercourse is an organic pathology, it is necessary to treatment.

Short intercourse (coitus brevis) - sexual intercourse lasting less than 1.5-2 minutes, bringing the woman or both partners sexual satisfaction. The duration of intercourse is determined by the introduction of the penis into the vagina before ejaculation. In most cases, a short sexual intercourse accompanied by premature ejaculation. According to statistical surveys, every third man considers himself an actual problem short of sexual intercourse. Understanding the rules on the duration of sexual intercourse in the andrology and sexology very arbitrary and varies greatly depending on the age, physical and emotional status of men, his sexual constitution and health status, sexual regularity, socio-cultural factors.

As a result of observation revealed that under normal conditions of sexual intercourse in young healthy subjects on average lasts from 2-5 minutes to 10 minutes; during coitus man usually produces at least 60 frictions. Duration repeated sexual intercourse committed by a man during the day, increased 1.5-2 times, and prolonged sexual abstinence - is reduced considerably. However, as shown by surveys, resulting in a 10 minute intercourse only possible to achieve an orgasm 50% of women. Thus, the criterion for a short intercourse can not only be its length. Thus, for women, reaching sexual satisfaction in less than 2 minutes, a sexual act can be considered as perfectly normal; For those who need to reach orgasm more than 10 minutes, even the average sexual intercourse is short.

Therefore, it is assumed that the optimum for each pair is such a duration of sexual intercourse, which allows both partners to reach orgasm. Based on the above, brief sexual act it is determined not so much a time frame as qualitative criteria - the mutual satisfaction of sexual partners.

Short intercourse can be caused by factors physiological, pathological organic and psychogenic nature. Thus, brief sexual acts are characteristic of young men with high levels of sexual excitability, recently started sex life. In this case, usually 25 years with sexual intercourse duration of stabilization returning to normal. Shortening the time of sexual intercourse is seen in men after long periods of sexual abstinence, physical and neuro-psychological fatigue, experiencing relationship problems with your partner, and so on.

The basis of short intercourse may lie sexual dysfunction caused by psychogenic causes. In anxious and hypochondriac men short of sexual intercourse can be a consequence of the so-called failure of the standby mechanism, which generates a vicious circle: the fixity of the previous fiasco begets fear of subsequent failures, and its implementation is even more fear and pathological repetition of the scenario. Fixation on the problem of short sex can form a man's sense of sexual inadequacy, contribute to the development of serious psychological problems up to the neuroses, impotence.

Sometimes a short sexual intercourse due to an unconscious male desire to finish the intercourse due to fear of infection sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies have a partner. The circumstances that cause a short sexual intercourse may be associated with the female factor: frigidity, stressful behavior, stiffness and sexual inexperience partner and so forth.

Sometimes the source of short intercourse are organic background - anomalies and diseases of the male genital system: a short frenulum of the prepuce, hypersensitivity of the glans penis, prostatitis, urethritis, vesicles, kollikulit. In addition, the causes of short sex can serve as traumatic brain injury, neurological disease in men associated with the violation of the innervation of the pelvic organs - injuries of the pelvis, fractures of the spine, herniated discs, low back pain, and others.

If sexual partners concerned about the short sexual intercourse, breaking the harmony of sexual relations, they should seek help from a sexologist. During a frank and confidential conversation specialist establish the factors that contribute to sexual problems, and will outline possible solutions.

To eliminate the causes of the organic nature of short sexual intercourse, men may need to pass a diagnostic examination, appointed by a urologist, andrologist or neurologist. In order to identify the pathology of urogenital organs can be carried out laboratory tests (study of prostate secretion, urine culture and bacteriological discharge urethra on flora, PCR study scrapings on pathogens of sexual infections and so forth.). Urological examination includes palpation of the prostate and seminal vesicles study, instrumental diagnostics (ultrasound of the prostate, ultrasound of the scrotum). Detection of neurological pathology may contribute to the EEG, brain CT scan, X-ray of the spine X-rays of the pelvis, and others.

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