Sports and doping

All kinds of physical activity divided by the intensity of loads at a very high, high, medium and low intensity. This corresponds to the level of sports qualification of top-class athletes (Olympic champions and world champions), masters of sports of international class masters of sports, fuses, persons engaged in physical activity not engaged in physical culture and dealing with physical therapy for rehabilitation of certain functions using given physical activity. Naturally, the requirements for these individuals, their fitness, nutrition and pharmacologic software will be completely different maria sharapova meldonium. However, they all have their limits, which limit human physical performance.

It should be borne in mind that these factors limiting performance, depending on the type of physical activity, which can be subdivided in accordance with the classifications of sports into five main groups:

1. Cyclical sports with primary display of endurance (jogging, swimming, cross country skiing, speed skating, all kinds of boating, cycling, etc.), when the same movement is repeated many times, spent a lot of energy, and the work itself is done with high and very high intensity. These sports require the support of metabolism, specialized food, especially in the marathon, when switching power sources of carbohydrate (energy phosphates, glycogen, glucose) in the body. Hormonal control systems of these types of metabolism is essential in the prediction and correction pharmacological performance.

2. The speed-strength types, where quality is the main manifestation of an explosive, a short time and very intense physical activity (all sprint, throwing and weight lifting, etc.). In most cases these symptoms are "dependent on genetic determinants and the sources of energy to ensure that such activities are fundamentally different phenomenon at about endurance. Natural Born sprinters have a high percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers in comparison with the long-distance runners. Speed ​​is very demonstrative indicator that undergoes with increasing age of the earliest and pronounced decline in comparison with the strength and endurance. The increase in body weight in all throwers and weight lifters require special monitoring of specialized nutritional and catabolic shift in the anabolic phase of metabolism without the use of anabolic steroids and growth hormone. At the same sprinters unacceptable uncontrolled weight gain. The prevailing carbohydrate metabolism and energy sources: energy-rich.

3. Martial arts are very numerous types of sports activities (all kinds of wrestling, boxing, etc.). A characteristic feature of the energy consumption in the martial arts is a fickle, cyclical levels of physical activity, depending on the specific conditions of the struggle, even though, at times, they reach very high intensity. Type of physical activity, its duration and intensity are the basis for the selection of pharmaceutical products. These sports, in most cases, quite traumatic, that can cause disorders of microcirculation and metabolic processes in the brain, therefore it is necessary to use drugs as protectors nootropic action.

4. Game types are characterized by constant alternation of intense muscle activity and relaxation, when the athletes are not involved directly in the game episodes. Of great importance are the coordination of movements, and mental stability. Tasks related to the pharmacological ensure correction of the recovery process, energy compensation, improvement of metabolic processes in the brain with the help of vitamin complexes, nootropics, adaptogenic plant and animal origin, as well as antioxidants.

5. Slozhnokoordinatsionnye types are based on the finest elements of the movement, as is the case in figure skating, gymnastics, diving, shooting, requiring excellent speed and attention. Physical activity varies widely. For example, to make a difficult jump needs a huge explosive force, while at shooting requires concentration and a decrease tremor. Of great importance is increasing the mental stability of herbal preparations soothing action (valerian, hawthorn without alcohol components), nootropics, vitamin complexes, energy-rich foods.

Slozhnotehnicheskie species is largely associated with the use of technical equipment (auto racing, bobsled, parachuting, sailing and many others). The level of physical activity may not reach very high values, but the tension is at the limit of human capabilities, which defines the principles of pharmacological correction - improving mental stability.

In addition, there are a number of mixed sports where there are different types of combined events, including the listed types of physical activity of the person. Naturally, pharmacologic maintenance tasks differ significantly and fundamentally. I should add that there are many problems with the restoration and maintenance of the high intellectual level of the competition in chess as a sport.

Thus, there is no reason to believe that there are universal pharmacological tools that could help solve the unique challenges of sports pharmacology.

Thus, sports activities include virtually all types of physical performance as a dynamic and static. Next, we consider the pharmacological agents that affect endurance, speed, strength, coordination, taking into account the intensity of physical activity.

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