Thrush in men

Thrush in men - a generic name of fungal lesions of the mucous membranes buy brand viagra online. The name is given as a general symptom - white coating on the mucous membrane, resembling a kind of curds and sour milk smell. In medicine, used another name yeast - Candida. The name associated with the generic designation Candida microscopic fungi, which under certain circumstances, have influence on the pathogenic organism. Actually candidiasis - a large group of diseases that have a similar etiology, manifested by damage mucous membranes, skin and its derivatives, as well as internal organs.

A wide range of people known candidiasis (thrush) of the mucous of the external genitalia and the mouth. They are common in neonates as the oral mucosa lesions called thrush and rarely in adult humans. Thrush external genitalia of women diagnosed as candidiasis coleitis, cervicitis.

Sometimes you have thrush men?

Candidiasis genitals men usually manifests subclinical. The clinical picture of the male genital yeast infection is detected less frequently than women. The relative stability of the men to genital candida related to the anatomical features of the structure of the external genitalia: mobile foreskin, the lack of deep folds. Natural immunity of mucous, normal microflora under the foreskin, regular hygienic procedures hamper the rapid growth of saprophytic Candida on the mucous membranes of the male genitalia.

The clinical picture of thrush men accompanied by inflammatory and other events on the mucous membranes of the external genitalia. Thrush (candidiasis) men hurt: the foreskin of the penis head, foreskin and head at the same time, the urethra and prostate gland rarely.

Causes of yeast infection in men

Single-celled flexible kind (Candi) are commensals (symbionts) and is widely distributed in nature. In a state of friendly coexistence - are permanent residents of a healthy human body does not have a negative impact. Theoretically, the fungus stands at 100% of the people inhabiting the planet. In some parts of the population candidiasis, acquired form of the disease, but subclinical. According to various sources, such a flow occurs in 5-30% of people. When emergency impact of pathogenic factors, thrush manifest clinically.

Causes of yeast infection, associated with changes in the physiological status of the mucous genitals:

In a healthy organism, the pH of the mucous membranes is close to neutral, change it to the acid side of pH to 5.8-6.5 - significantly improves the pathological activity of fungal flora;

High humidity mucous membranes caused by c exudate transudate, exudate, is a factor in provoking the rapid growth of Candida in the wet and acidic environment;

The English word - Cany, consonant with the Latin - Candi, which formed the basis of the generic name of fungi, is used to indicate sweetness. The very term - Candidiasis is an indication on the cause of the rapid growth of the fungal flora with glycosuria (presence of glucose in the urine).

Single-celled fungi rapidly multiply and grow in conditions excluding mechanical action on the fungal colonies. Therefore, the presence on the mucous membranes, skin and its derivatives: restrictions, pockets, Zatoka, decubitus ulcers, scars and cause of thrush.

Causes of yeast infection, associated with changes in the physiological status of the organism:

Dysbacteriosis - this is one of the main reasons for the clinical manifestations of thrush. Bacteria are natural antagonists fungal flora, inhibit the rapid multiplication of the latter. Deep mechanism of interaction is complex and in some cases little studied. However, it is proved that the irrational use of antibiotics, especially without medical supervision, without correcting the effects of antimicrobial therapy, the cause of the clinical exacerbation of thrush.

Changes in hormonal status and the cause of thrush. The body of a healthy person and balanced function without additional intervention. Hormonal disruptions may be endogenous and exogenous. When endogenous disorders, such as diabetes use of hormones is an important part of treatment of thrush. When exogenous influence the action of high doses of hormonal contraceptives or corticosteroids, the risk of developing thrush increases. Unbalanced hormonal system in puberty, pregnancy, aging can trigger thrush.

Changing the immune status - the cause of thrush. Immunity plays a regulatory role in the body. Through the natural resistance of the skin and mucous membranes, humoral and cellular immunity undergoing complex defense reactions in response to an antigenic attack of fungi. The immune system not only adversely affect the biological agents - viruses, bacteria, fungi, helminths, and pharmaceuticals. Immunosuppressive steroids, chemotherapy drugs, and ionizing radiation, previous infection, allergic predisposition to fungal metabolites.

Reducing the protective status of the organism during the course of subclinical concomitant diseases. Many diseases, including sexually transmitted (affecting the organs of the urogenital system) takes place at a subclinical level, however, accompanied by candidiasis, having a bright clinical picture. thrush treatment without diagnosis of the underlying disease, does not make sense. Genital candidiasis men, occurring against a background of sexually transmitted diseases in the subclinical form, can have serious and unpredictable consequences for the organism.

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