Treatment of heart failure in children

Early diagnosis of heart disease in a young child is very difficult. After all, even an adult is not always able to describe exactly what was bothering him. The health of infants with congenital heart disease is closely watched by doctors. But the timely detection of heart failure in children purchase captopril online born healthy - especially merit attentive parents. In order not to miss the early stage of the disease, when treatment gives a guaranteed success, it is important to know the signs that tell about the defective heart.

Depending on the child's age, duration of disease, and what kind of heart area hit by stronger as the symptoms vary, and their degree of severity. Nevertheless, one can identify features common to both left-handed and for right-sided heart failure.

First, for the appearance of most of the symptoms requires a certain dose of physical activity: running, outdoor games for older children or loud a long lament for the baby. But later dyspnea worried about the baby, even at rest, and sleep is disturbed sense of suffocation. Such children slowly gain weight and fall behind in physical development, can not tolerate even a small load on the muscles.

Heart failure in young children, especially infants is usually caused by a violation of the left ventricle of the heart activity. This is because the left ventricle muscle strength weaker and more susceptible to hemodynamic overload.

It should be noted that young children rarely complain directly to the lack of air. Parents should pay attention to symptoms such as shortness of breath with the active participation of the pectoral muscles, tension and extension of the nose with a little exertion.

Shortness of breath occurs due to the abundance of blood in the pulmonary blood supply, which includes the lungs. Therefore, another indicator of heart failure in the newborn baby's anxiety becomes horizontal, sleep disorders, attempts to sit or lie down so that the chest was significantly raised. In this position, the excess blood down below, so wet wheezing in the chest dies down, and the feeling of suffocation is weakening.

Changes in pulmonary vessels due to the weak development of cardiac hemodynamics provoke asthma. It differs in that it is difficult to breathe, while at the bronchi disease problems associated with exhalation. Without timely assistance to long-term build-up of pressure in the pulmonary circulation causes pulmonary edema in children. Such a condition is life-threatening and the child requires medical intervention.

Peculiar symptoms of heart failure, left ventricular saved and weak job right atrium. But in this case, shortness of breath and cough are less related to the stagnation of blood in the systemic circulation. From the external manifestations of the disease are the leading features of edema, disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract and liver due to internal edema and congestion, nausea and vomiting.

External swelling focused mainly in the legs, increasing in the afternoon. However, they do not affect the face, shoulders, arms, and in bedridden children are concentrated in the waist area. Neonates puffiness is not so strongly expressed due to the high hydrophilicity of tissue, but they are possible bluish cushions on the back of the hands and feet, thick swelling of the genitals.

Forecast favorable treatment for newborns with the elimination of the cause of the heart failure. This is also true for the rest of the children, provided the prescribed treatment correctly and that all recommendations of the attending physician.

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