Why crackle joints?

Afraid crunch in the joints is not necessary, but lightly, too, do not need him. Typically, the crunch in the joints caused by the disease, accompanied by other symptoms: gait disorder, stress periarticular muscles. However, with this crunch joints it may also be associated with an innate feature of their structure social anxiety disorder, malformation of the articular cartilage.

When a family predisposition to diseases of the joints it is necessary to pay attention to any manifestation of symptoms related to articular pathologies. Every year, you need to conduct a survey, checking an elementary level of ESR in the blood.

Understand whether it is crunch dangerous to your joints, helps the doctor. If the inspection he will be suspicion of a serious disease, it is necessary to do an x-ray or ultrasound joint. less frequently began to apply X-rays of the joint Kazakhstan, and it is wrong. With a crunch in joints x-ray film is very informative. On the basis of the captured image can be understood rheumatic whether it is a problem, if there is destruction of the articular cartilage, meniscus whether offset or any other abnormality is present.

When referring to a rheumatologist insist on the fact that you took the picture. With symptoms such as crunching, pain, stiffness of joints, it is necessary to turn to the rheumatologist, who will prescribe the necessary treatment. Take drugs, seeing an advertisement or on the advice of a neighbor, it is impossible. Of course, they may temporarily relieve pain, but it is able to trigger the development of a more serious condition.

Disease. Nowadays, the most common cause of crunch and joint pain are reactive arthritis, t. E. Those arthritis caused by steel urogenital infections (such as chlamydia) and other diseases (angina, flu). Young people are more likely to carry the infection, resulting in impaired their immune background, which affects the joints - inner sheath becomes inflamed joint. Over time, the joints develop degenerative processes, articular cartilage is destroyed, there is a deforming osteoarthritis.

Sport. It's no secret that people who are professionally involved in sports, often have problems with joints. Today, sport is very popular and it is considered that even if you're not an athlete, and a self-respecting person is required to do in the gym. The desire to have inflated the body and to keep up with fashion often leads to disastrous consequences. Of course, exercise is very good for your health and needs, but they must be moderate. Choosing for themselves a sport (aerobics, fitness, yoga, gym, etc..), Keep in mind that any exercise in any way affect the large joints (knee, hip and ankle). What you need to do to exercise did not lead to the destruction of the joints and the crunch? During exercise, use conventional elastic bandage to provide cushioning joints. But here you have to be careful. Failure to comply with some rules, even harmless dressing can hurt. For example, an incorrect size of the bandage in the presence of varicose veins aggravates the disease. assign and match such bandages must be a doctor to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Sedentary lifestyle .The human body needs loads. Sedentary lifestyle leads to a weakening of the ligaments and joints. Without traffic occurs lubricant synovial fluid of joints, articular cartilage supply. If the fluid does not lubricate the joints, they begin to age and deteriorate. To activate the production of synovial fluid need to move, exercise, sticking to a moderate load conditions. Regular exercises, long walks on foot will help to solve the problems associated with insufficient blood circulation and nutrition of articular tissue salts with stagnation in the joints.

Bad habits. Smoking is one of the factors threatening the development of rheumatoid arthritis. This habit is systemic inflammation, thus increasing the level of C-reactive protein in the blood, which leads to not only defeat the joints but also other organs and systems.

Alcohol accelerates the intracellular metabolism and changes the permeability of the cell membrane, causing the cells to work wear. Everyone knows about the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver, against which weakens the action of many medications, respectively, the treatment becomes less effective and more durable. And if it is very difficult to overcome the temptation to drink, choose red wine, drink it in small quantities. This alcoholic beverage increases the level of nitric oxide, a beneficial effect on blood vessels.

Destroying the myths. How often do we hear no crunch of joints, it's bad! Like it or not, I decided to check Dr. Donald Unger, for which he received the Ig Nobel prize. Every day for 60 years, he crunched his left hand. no difference was observed in the hands at the end of his experiment. Another study, which was attended by 215 people, also deliberately crunchy fingers, confirmed this fact.

But in order to scrunch joint remained sound harmless and did not become a dangerous disease, the first signs of its appearance, contact the rheumatologist. Only a specialist will determine, this is a natural crunch or dangerous for you.

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